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An introduction to the Root Causes of CUI With Monica Chauviere Monica Chauviere
The Detrimental Effects of Wet Insulation in the CUI Range Monica Chauviere
CUI Double Whammy: Selection of Coating Systems for CUI Service Monica Chauviere
CUI Myth #1: The Cause of CUI is the Lack of a Proper Coating Monica Chauviere
CUI Myth #2: Shop Coatings are Better Quality Monica Chauviere
CUI Myth #3: The Type of Insulation Isn’t As Important As the Coating Monica Chauviere
CUI Myth #4: There’s No CUI If the Jacket Isn’t Damaged Monica Chauviere
Corrosion Under Insulation: The Challenge and Need for Insulation Johan Sentjens
CUI Detection Techniques for Process Pipelines Arun K. Soman
Combat CUI: Major Advancements in Material Standards, Insulation Features, and Metal Jacketing David Shong
Third Party Long-Term Testing: CUI & Thermal Results Ames Kulprathipanja


Case Study: Sunoco R&S and Insulation— An Energy Plan Success Story Michael J. Lettich
Mechanical Insulation Maintenance: A Proven Investment Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight Ronald L. King


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The Effect Of Moisture Content On The
Thermal Conductivity Of Insulation Materials Used
On District Heating And Cooling Pipes
Ming-C. Chyu, Professor
Texas Tech University
Thermal Conductivity of Wet Insulations Ludwig Adams, Fellow ASHRAE
Moisture Accumulation and its Impact on the Thermal Performance of Pipe Insulation for Chilled Water Pipes in High Performance Buildings Shanshan Cai, Lorenzo Cremaschi, Ph.D., Afshin J. Ghajar, Ph.D.,P.E.
Oklahoma State University, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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