Super Mat

The NO-Dust Hydrophobic Blanket Insulation

Saves cost, time, and logistics

Super Mat is a rugged, waterproof flexible blanket for hot service applications. As has been demonstrated by aerogel blanket, the hydrophobic flexible blanket approach saves time, money, and greatly simplifies the logistics of ordering, transporting, and managing the storage space required for rigid insulation.

Reliably DRY insulation reduces risk of CUI

For over 40 years, world class refineries on the US Gulf Coast have been proving that long-term-hydrophobic hot service insulation can be relied upon to effectively mitigate the risk of CUI.

In 1974, long before current day immersion grade coatings were invented, these massive facilities began fighting CUI with their only available weapon – hydrophobic insulation (in the form of expanded perlite) and equipment design details – and have succeeded in avoiding CUI wherever water is prevented from being held up behind the insulation by the proper design detail.

Consistent and reliable performance with a one-time purchase

Facility Owners can have confidence that with a single initial purchase, Super Mat’s thermal and mechanical properties will provide the long term design functionality they paid for.

Super Mat’s unbreakable, un-crushable, flexible, water-defiant, breathable, and re-usable properties translate to consistent and reliable long term performance.

Reliably hydrophobic up to 600°F (315°C), Super Mat remains dry, allowing the equipment to operate with the originally-specified thermal efficiency despite any areas of damaged or ill-maintained weather jacket.

NO Dust – Clean and Easy

Super Mat consists only of PTFE and glass fiber.   There is no particulate matter, hydrophobe, or other additive to escape as respirable dust.

Clean to the touch and very easy to cut, contractors find that Super Mat is both easy to work with and cutting blades last longer.

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