Product Overview

Hydrophobic Flexible Blanket (HFB), the Growing Trend

The one-size-fits-all, unbreakable, reusable blanket approach to industrial thermal insulation has proven to be the material of choice among world-class facilities that scrutinize not only construction costs, but also the Cost of Ownership. Over the course of the last 12 years, facility owners have recognized and demonstrated on very large construction projects the enhanced long term economic and thermal efficiency provided by hydrophobic flexible blanket (HFB) insulation.

Recognition of this crucial aspect of Cost of Ownership is often lost among those who argue for the least-cost insulation material. But the belief that thermal insulation is just another “commodity” has been shown to be a dangerous and costly mistake as illustrated by rampant CUI in facilities around the globe. However, engineers now recognize that the properties of thermal insulation directly influence both the risk of CUI and thermal efficiency.

Super Mat is an innovative alternative to the rising cost of HFB products. . . providing durability, hydrophobicity, and long term thermal efficiency at a lower cost and WITHOUT THE DUST.

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