About Lewco Specialty Products

Company Background

Lewco Specialty Products, Inc. was founded in 1985 by its owner, Lewis Dill, to develop new-and-improved high temperature, chemically resistant, asbestos-free and environmentally safe textiles for industrial users.

Since 1985, Lewco has manufactured fiberglass blanket, fabrics, felts, tubing, ropes & threads, for temperatures from -250 to 3,000°F (-157 to 1650°C).  Applications include: Thermal and Acoustical Insulation, Stress Relief Blankets, Gasketing, Blankets & Curtains for protection from sparks, spatter and welding slag.

Historically, Lewco has employed over 70 men and women, working multiple shifts in a 175,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. In addition, Lewco operates a fiberglass fabric weaving facility in Columbia, South Carolina, USA containing 100 looms in a 120,000 sq. ft facility.

Lewco also has multiple sales and stocking locations throughout North America, providing our customers with fast, reliable service and deliveries.

Lewco is certified to be in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

Super Mat Product Line Coming Aboard

With the recent addition of the SUPER MAT product line, Lewco’s manufacturing operation in Baton Rouge has grown to include a 4 story tall indoor industrial grade structure, associated auxillary equipment, and additional staff.

With the addition of SUPER MAT to our wide range of products, Lewco’s commitment to excellent product quality and superior customer service will not waiver.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA) Facility

  • • Company headquarters.
  • • Manufacture of needled felt blanket
  • • Polymer-impregnation of woven and non-woven fiberglass goods.
  • • Manufacture of Super Mat products.

Columbia, South Carolina (USA) Facility

Operating 100 looms utilizing various grades of glass fiber to weave a variety of fabric types and styles.

Super Mat production line.
4 story indoor industrial structure.
Super Mat manufacturing site.
Combustion gas cleanup equipment.

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