Super Mat Covers All The Bases

  • The “no-dust” alternative to aerogel blanket.
  • Re-usable, hydrophobic, breathable flexible blanket.
  • Four standard thicknesses – install only what’s needed for thermal efficiency.
  • Available with breathable silicone topcoat which functions as a durable weather barrier.
    • Non-metallic surfaces transfer heat to skin much differently than metal surfaces.
    • Silicone-topcoated Super Mat that, for example, is actually 264F (129C) feels like it is 120F (49C).
    • The low-energy surface (vs. metal) provides the required maximum touch sensation with less thickness than when a metal jacket is used.
    • Where metal jacket is not needed for protection from mechanical abuse or animal attack, save the cost of the metal jacket and achieve personnel protection.

The Hydrophobic Blanket Approach

  • Reduce risk of CUI with breathable, hydrophobic properties.
  • Reuse after each removal.
  • Non-breakable. No mechanical damage or need to “over-order.”
  • Cut to fit onsite or order pre-cut. No specifics sizes of rigid insulation.
  • Simplify ordering and storage logistics.
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